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In case you are seeing the error message “Unable to load stream. Please make sure port 7446 is open on your NVR.” when trying to watch the live camera stream on your Unifi Video NVR system from Ubiquiti, then the solution is rather simple. The error is caused by the self-issued certificate that comes by […]

Wget has many usages as you probably are aware of. One of them being an easy method of mirroring parts of or even entire sites. Lately I am working on a project which required an exact copy including all dependent media files to be mirrored from another site. Working server side it is much easier […]

I had to add the Google Analytics code snippet to this site and had some issues with it validating as XHTML 1.1 and MIME type application/xhtml+xml which were solved at the end. The snippet is divided into two pieces of <script> tags and the first part is simply a feature to avoid getting warning messages […]