I recently needed a little ribbon for the top corner of Globalpandora to spiff up the site a bit. Usually I look around on Google Images for available images but was not able to locate exactly what I was after. What I did find though was a nifty tool that generates ribbons in different colours, […]

As you probably are aware of Mailinator is a fantastic useful service which allows you to use any email address on the fly when needed. Simply make a random one up e.g. like CoolService@Mailinator.com and start using it without previous registration. This is great for registering on websites where you really only want to get […]

If you are interested in using a great and easily pronounceable  .mobi domain I have the following domain name available for rental or sale: kalabassa.mobi I purchased the domain name when I was working on my FSBO property portal a couple of years ago and had not yet decided the definite name of the site. […]

My brother sent me this amusing copy of a forum thread where the original poster does not really seem to get the right solution he asking for. Check for yourself.

I came back to the computer earlier today and found one of my servers to be unresponsive. The front-end of one of my bittorrent hosting boxes did not load so I tried some of the other websites hosted on the same box. None were loading. Luckily accessing via SSH worked fine and revealed that Apache […]

When posting last time I realised my example images had a little white border around them. For other occasions it may have been nice but this time I needed it without any borders. Another example below, left with white border and right with no border: To remove that automatically added border when you submit your […]

Lately I have been working on improving my consultancy’s website towards a more showcase based look’n’feel. I had to post a photo of myself so I first decided to use my Gravatar image. As you can see below it looked a bit dull with square corners, so instead I changed the photo to round corners: […]

Yesterday eve I had to add a laptop to my network which is using MAC address filtering. The laptop ran Windows Vista and I tried to locate its MAC address by using the good old ipconfig within a command prompt. This gave no results as apparently the network details only get listed once an actual […]