Home and End keys in PuTTY

6 Jun

I wondered why sometimes the Home and End keys work as expected during a SSH session via PuTTY and some other times it just writes tildes (~) instead. When writing long commands it is a real annoyance having to press down the left arrow to get back to the beginning of the command.

A simple solution which worked for me was to change the Terminal-type String under the Connection > Data tab from the default “xterm” to simply “linux”:

PuTTY Terminal Type String

Now you should be able to use your Home and End keys to easily move the cursor back and forth during a SSH session using PuTTY.

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August 22nd, 2010 at 09:55

I’m using putty now and it had been a pain to using left (or right arrow) instead of Home and End keys. Now this solved it. Thanks for sharing.

Off-topic question: Do you still use putty anytime?

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