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Online malware scanner

11, Dec 2008

I am always very cautious running executables, especially under Windows. Sometimes the antivirus software installed may report supposedly false positives leaving one in a limbo as what to do next, keep installing at risk or avoid the software supposedly reputable and safe. The best thing is really to get a second opinion but installing a […]

Trying to move some automatic backups from one location to another became a bit of a struggle recently. The backups are created automatically and uploaded to a file server at a scheduled pattern. From this file server I had to use some of the backups and tried to download them to my local machine. This […]

I received a question today on how to sort a list of strings which was actually rather simple to accomplish. The following list is the original sorting: caca cocacola ca cacacacacola c cacacacacacacaac cacaa The requested list after sorting should look like this: c ca caca cacaa cocacola cacacacacola cacacacacacacaac What I first did was […]

What is a Kill-Bit?

11, Jun 2008

After booting up Windows XP I encountered an automatic update notification. During the progress I noticed an update named something like “…kill-bit ActiveX…” which I could not identify what was for and therefore looked it up. The Kill-Bit appears to be something as simple as a registry entry to disable vulnerable ActiveX controls or COM […]