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I recently needed a little ribbon for the top corner of Globalpandora to spiff up the site a bit. Usually I look around on Google Images for available images but was not able to locate exactly what I was after. What I did find though was a nifty tool that generates ribbons in different colours, […]

Lately I have been working on improving my consultancy’s website towards a more showcase based look’n’feel. I had to post a photo of myself so I first decided to use my Gravatar image. As you can see below it looked a bit dull with square corners, so instead I changed the photo to round corners: […]

Online malware scanner

11, Dec 2008

I am always very cautious running executables, especially under Windows. Sometimes the antivirus software installed may report supposedly false positives leaving one in a limbo as what to do next, keep installing at risk or avoid the software supposedly reputable and safe. The best thing is really to get a second opinion but installing a […]

DNSstuff alternatives

11, Dec 2008

In the past I used DNSstuff heavily, but since it went commercial I have tried to find useful free alternatives. I gathered this brief set of links and saved is a draft long ago, which I now have remembered to publish: