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I recently started using the Lightbox 2 WordPress plugin on my Marbella news site to automatically add the zooming overlay effect to certain images. It is really plug & play and works out of the box. I did encounter however that my pages stopped validating as XHTML 1.1 which is the standard doctype on all […]

I recently needed a little ribbon for the top corner of Globalpandora to spiff up the site a bit. Usually I look around on Google Images for available images but was not able to locate exactly what I was after. What I did find though was a nifty tool that generates ribbons in different colours, […]

Since I am analysing different SMS related questions because of a new project I am involved in, I thought the following page at Nokia was useful. It is a very simplistic overview on how to read and send SMS with your mobile phone hooked up to your machine. As said it only covers the most […]

I have used the API of for long time to resolve IP addresses to country codes or country names. The web service has been hit by some severe downtime lately returning “500 – Internal Server Error” for any calls including both API and website page requests. As of now has been down and […]

Sometimes I had the climate system blower in my BMW X5 slow down so it could barely be heard, even when increasing the fan manually to a higher setting. After some minutes it usually started behaving normally again. Yesterday though it simply stayed on minimum no matter which buttons were activated. After a bit of […]